A wise woman once said: "Every reaction in life starts with an emotion." Being able to capture these emotions during a special day in someone's life is something significant.

Hey, I'm Jasna!

pronouncing [ Y ah z N ah ]

I am a storyteller and photographer who is obsessed with life stories. I believe in the power of storytelling - it can change people's perspectives and inspire them to make changes in their own lives.

Doing my job with a big heart and full of passion; capturing the most important moments in your life when you come together with your loved ones as husband and wife. That's my purpose!

My goal is to capture your love story and tell it through my lens with passion and authenticity.

My approach is relaxed, natural, creative & candid so that you feel comfortable on your wedding day (or any other occasion!).

It's not about me on your wedding day; it's about YOU!

Fun facts about me.

  • I sold all the jewellery I got from my family for birthdays and special occasions to buy my first camera. Ask my mum how she felt when I told her the news. I was that persistent and a little bit crazy, I know.
  • I was born and raised in a small town in Croatia, but when I was around eight I told everyone I'm moving to Ireland once when I grow up. Little did I know about dreams coming true.
  • When I was younger I was never at home. My grandparents had a lot of patience with me. Maybe that's why I love travelling so much.
  •  In my spare time, I love to take long walks and listen to audiobooks. Food is one of my biggest passions, and cooking is even more so! My favourite is sushi or chicken wings on Friday evening, but nothing beats a hearty home-cooked meal for me.
  • Let's talk about Netflix. I'm on season 4 - "The office" right now. What about you?

Who do I serve?

I love being able to help clients to create their own unique weddings with my photography style. My process allows for an honest, engaging experience that captures all of your needs and wants so you can see them come alive in each picture! I also take into account what's happening around me before snapping a photo- catching those candid moments as they happen is my favourite part!

My passion lies in capturing the overlooked details at weddings - things couples often don't even notice until it's too late or forget about altogether after everything has gone by. But when we stop and look back on these memories years later one thing becomes clear: The little moments are just as special as the important ones because without them we wouldn't have the complete story. 

Sound like we are on the same page? Let's work together.